Project News Updates

This project page is no longer being updated. Please see for project information and updates.


  • After extensive public involvement, Washington County is moving forward with
    the preferred alignment (map). The 124th project team held three (3) Open Houses, four (4) Interested Parties Group Meetings, multiple meetings with CIO5, CIO6, CCIO, and provided updates to the Tualatin City Council from May 2011 to March 2013 to solicit input on issues and concerns to help guide the team in making a decision regarding the selection of a preferred alignment. In advancing the preferred alignment in the Preliminary Design phase, the project team  will continue to  modify the alignment to address issues and concerns raised throughout project development and further studies.
  • In addition to the road project, a water transmission line will also be installed as part of the Willamette Water Supply Project ( Construction for both projects is scheduled to begin fall 2015.